About Us

About Us


Roshan Duniya is one of the advancing, non-benefit and autonomous organization, wholly devoted to helpful administration. In spite of the fact that Roshan Duniya authoritatively enrolled in 1990 as an NGO, having an impressive record of open administration that goes as far over as the independence of Pakistan. Furnishing safe house, nourishing and treating outcasts and protecting the deservers has dependably been the trademark of Roshan Duniya.
Roshan Duniya volunteers press on to function energetically for giving alleviation to influenced individuals all through the nation.

Our Mission

Roshan Duniya is acting as an autonomous, non-political, non-benefit and magnanimous organization. It works under its own particular Memorandum of Articles of Association and authority. It has no alliance with any territorial, ethnic or political movement or organization of Pakistan or anyplace on the planet. Roshan Duniya is only delighted and backings noble exercises and systems. It not looks for political positions.

Our Program

Roshan Duniya furnishes to any viable organization at home or abroad it is only for beneficent and charitable purposes, especially supporting instruction, medical services and other identified help administrations. Roshan Duniya is committed to the administration of humankind in all parts of the planet without any segregation of ideology, religion, race, clan and political cooperation.


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Moneeb Butt

I am truly honoured to say that Roshan Dunia is serving a great education opportunity for poor kids whom parents can not afford the expenses of their studies.

Khawaja Asad

Roshan Dunia is providing the poor people with health facilities and it is a very kind thing they are doing for people who are in need.

Mian Awais

Roshan Dunia is improving the life standards of deprieved class by helping them to find different avenues in order to attain an honourable way of earning and a struggle to take care of their day to day needs.