Sep 1976 [DUPE] Skiwear You Wouldn’t Keeps Possessed Until now-Trend by Tap Doran pg

Sep 1976 [DUPE] Skiwear You Wouldn’t Keeps Possessed Until now-Trend by Tap Doran pg

January 1977 Dust-yet another Supplement-Powder Snowboarding, Deep snow, Skiing Areas,Technique- Instuction, Equipment

82 Skis-People Guide, Show Statement from the Seth Masia pg.ninety-five Bindings pg.96 Footwear pg.100 Getting more For cheap Once you Ski the united states-Traveling, Money from the Abby Rand pg.73 So you should Get married a hill-Season’s Passes by Eric Johnson pg.ninety Return around the globe Cup-FIS by John Fry pg.76 Dudu Outdoes ‘Em Most of the-Henri Duvillard because of the Charlie Meyers pg.78 Freestyle Dazzles With The brand new Stunts:Handstands, Walkovers, Butterflies, Thumpers, New Puppet and you can Lincoln’s Issue because of the Barbara Wicks pg.80 NASTAR: Every person’s Business Glass pg.87 How Safe is actually Raises?-Vail Crash by Janet Nelson pg.88 (Non) Discussions With the Chairman-Vail, Pres Ford of the Morten Lund pg.110

Instruction, Strategy from the Jerry Warren pg

Oct 1976 [DUPE] Interior Skier: Will it Help you? of the Morten Lund pg.101 I’d Flow, You have Beat-Complex Converts from the Emo Heinrick pg.124 We Skied The fresh Earth’s High from the Jeff Frees pg.36 The latest Austrian Experience-Othmar Schneider, Getaways because of the Abby Rand pg.104 The fresh new Slope Metropolises-18 Waterville Area, Brand new Hampshire by Morten Lund-Skiing Portion pg.110 SKI’s Urban area Job Roundup pg.164 An effective Helluva Inform you-Expowinter Skiing Show pg.108 Freestyle:Right here Started the fresh Gals-Lady by the Peter Miller pg.120 1976-77 Ski Declaration-Skis pg.115 The latest Boots: The way they Compare well pg.118 Breakaway Colors-Fashion from the Tap Doran pg.126 Deciphering Those people Air-Travelling Income, Travel, Financing by the Abby Rand pg.131

e-Take a trip because of the Steve Webb pg.74 Tops to have Passes-Ski Shelving pg.132 Report on the 1976-77 Skis pg.142 Down: Increasing-Parkas-Trends from the Tap Doran pg.148 The fresh Bindings: The way they Create pg.192 Empire out-of Skiing-Many Slope/Solitary Citation at Tahoe Ski Elements by Abby Rand pg.121 European countries: Sure You might-Alps Traveling, Money from the Abby Rand pg.128 Peanut Height-Where the Pint-Sized Play from the Kim Massie, Vail, Students Skiers pg.134 Sugarbush Will get Dependent –Vermont by We. William Berry, Citizen Master Converts Skiing Teacher pg.126 Just how Best Racers Compare- from the Georges Joubert pg.130 State Skiing-Variety by Jean-Claude Killy pg.136 Profitable the interior Area-Specialist Racing Rudd Pyles by the Charlie Meyers pg.140 Upcoming Ski-Fantasy from Snowboarding inside the 2195 from the Peter Kazakoff pg.172 So it’s When you look at the Skiing Nation-Living and you may Earning when you look at the a skiing Town of the Morten Lund pg.184

December 1976 [DUPE] Where to Skiing On your Area-Ski Parts pg.89 If you are Number 2 It’s the perfect time Individuals Understood-Snowmass, Colorado pg.122 10 Questions Advanced Skiers Inquire Extremely-Strategy of the Stu Campbell pg.98 These are typically Ski Exercises As opposed to Skis From the Copper-Texas because of the Charlie Meyers pg.108 Skiing Active! 112 Skiing Posts-Skiing Knowledge, Paraphernalia because of the Barbara Plant pg.106 Larger Purchases-Lift Tickets of the Janet Nelson pg.110 The price Excellent-Skiwear, Trends from the Tap Doran pg.118 Post on brand new 1976-77 Skis, Children’s skis Also pg.128 How-to Take Ski Photographs That produce You appear An effective-Photos Information of the Fred Lindholm, Peter Miller, John Russell and Norm Clasen pg.102 Fritz: Large. Actually Highest-Fritz Stammberger, Skier/ Climber destroyed about Himalayas of the Charlie Meyers pg.116 So you should Build A ski Resorts by Rigomar Thurmer pg.141

Peter Miller pg.77 Which Kid Can transform Their Skiing-Mind dos by Tim Gallwey pg.97 Retreading to have Freestyle-Dancing Classes by Scott Brooksbank and you may Marion Article pg.104 Where to Ski On the Area-Ski Section pg.69 The brand new Berkshires: To your Enjoyable from it-Massachusetts from the We. William Berry pg.100 Advice: Hands-down For Recuperation pg.sixteen Get your Directly Straight pg.30 Boost Pole Become to possess Most readily useful Edging pg.54 Look at the Stance pg.57 Use Lower body Step in the Fall Range pg.112 Handle Loose Accumulated snow Directly pg.114 Seeing is actually Repairing-Skiing Masks, Devices from the Janet Nelson pg.106 Skiingly Your own personal-Handwriting Data of Advantages of the Michael Zimmer pg.49 I Tried it. What about You? Aspen NASTAR Finals, Info because of the Pepi Stiegler of the Charlie Meyers pg.109

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